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FullPost | September 27, 2016

Women in the balcony

>>Fashion Magazine at your Fingertips!
Divas online blog for exclusive, sexy, unique clothing for everyday use and special occasions including celebrity inspired styles..

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Stylish Home Living | December 2, 2018
4 Types of Registered Education Savings Plans and Trusts

Canadian parents of future students can take advantage of one of a number of registered plans for education. A Heritage RESP makes it possible for you to send your child to university in the future and realize his or her goals for a higher education. Individual, Family, Group adn Informal Trust Accounts are some of the types of plans that you can consider.

Fashion | June 21, 2018
5 Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About GIC Rates

For a few years now, there has been a decline in the number of people who invest in GIC rates. In the recent past however, people have been talking about the interest rates going up and this kind of investment is starting to look quite appealing. People are however quite skeptical because most of them have very limited knowledge when it comes to the best GIC rates. Not to worry though because below are 5 super easy ways to learn everything about GIC rates.

Fashion | June 16, 2018
Five Care Tips for Your Wooden Watch This Summer

If you are not yet familiar with wooden watches by now then it’s high-time you took some time and did some research on the topic. These watches are easily becoming the new trending fashion pieces in the watch industry. A wooden watch doesn’t really consist of the same materials when it is being made. Wooden watches meant to show scream a fashion statement about the wearer of the watch due to its unique design and properties.

Fashion | April 25, 2018
You are not disabled but differently abled: Learn why

When someone you love or a family member becomes diagnosed with a certain medical condition, you tend to ask yourself so many questions about how their future will be from that point. You tend to wonder how your life and theirs will change. How do you handle them? If you are the one who has been diagnosed, you also tend to wonder the direction your life will take. If it's a hearing problem, an audiologist Calgary will be your friend from that day onward. Most people use the term ‘disabled’ to characterize people who have certain physical as well as mental conditions. But are they really disabled? Here is why they are differently abled and not disabled.

Health | March 26, 2018
New to Cycling? 6 Guiding Tips for Beginners

The number of people who ride city bikes continues to rise every day. You will see more and more riders on the road each day. Here are some tips on how you can ride better and safer.

Fashion | March 15, 2018
What You Need To Know About Eyebrow an Eyelash Extensions in Canada

We all love to look good sometimes, perhaps all the time — which explains the rising number of plastic surgeons in Canada. It really just depends on an individual. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you can be at your best in whatever it is that you do for a living. So how you look can affect your how you feel which in turn can have an impact on your performance. There are various ways to achieve our favorite looks ranging from plastic surgery, our attire, to wearing makeup- that last part being mostly associated with ladies. The explosion of the eyelash extension business has led to the emergence of eyebrow extension training programs in beauty colleges. Ladies particularly love their eyebrows, and their eyelashes and eyelash extension supplies are one of the most purchased beauty cosmetic products.

Stylish Home Living | March 8, 2018

Looking for the best futon cover ideas? The following are some of the ideas that contribute to different futon covers.

Stylish Home Living | March 8, 2018

Stuck on how to design your pátio? The following are some of the ideas one can consider when selecting the ideal patio furniture.

Fashion | February 27, 2018
3 Crucial Items To Have In Your Tummy Tuck Prep List

Summer is upon us, and everyone wants to flaunt his or her summer bodies. Having a flat tummy is one of the primary body goals that people have when it comes to having a perfect summer body. However, with just a few weeks to go, many might not have the time to commit to serious physical workouts and get a flat tummy. That is where the abdominoplasty comes in. services can be accessed literally everywhere, you can even get a tummy tuck Toronto at an affordable cost.

Health | February 12, 2018
6 Things To Look For When Choosing a Physiotherapist

Searching for a physiotherapy Newmarket requires careful consideration to ensure that you receive quality service and speed up the recovery process. Some of the hallmarks of a good physiotherapist are solid qualifications, a reasonable patient ratio, an ideal location that is near to your home and specialization in physiotherapy practice.

Relationships | February 5, 2018
Common Break-Ups: 6 Top Reasons For Divorces in a Marriage

A marriage is meant to last a lifetime, but sadly, not all of them make it. According to a divorce lawyer Toronto, the number of divorces has been on the rise, with more than 40 percent of all first marriages breaking up. While there are a lot of different reasons for a marriage not lasting, we take a look at the top six reasons here.

Fashion | December 22, 2017
Four Things to Ask About Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery

The decision to get cosmetic surgery may be rather easy to make. After all, you may have problem areas that are impacting your level of self-confidence, your relationships and other factors. These could be body image issues related to natural aging processes, previous surgeries or accidents, a blemish that you have had since birth or something else. Addressing your problem areas can help you to feel better about yourself, and this can feed into all aspects of your life. While cosmetic surgery is one option to consider, other treatments like botox Mississauga and other nonsurgical treatment options may also be considered. Before you make a final decision about how to proceed, ask these important questions.

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Stylish Home Living | December 2, 2018 4 Types of Registered Education Savings Plans and Trusts

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